Box Build Assembly

We are that rare blend of affordablility and DOMESTIC QUALITY.

Quality Domestic Electronic Assembly Manufacturer

"Seagate Mobile Security Solutions has been more and more proactive in providing [security] solutions and Levison Enterprises has been a valuable partner in engineering and design support of the alarm system."

Jim Adams, Seagate Alarm & Signal

Levison Enterprises is box build assembly electronic manufacturer, you've been looking for.  We are a one-stop shop and can handle multiple aspects and sub-assemblies for your electronics project on-site in our facility located in Northwest Ohio.

Our systems integration services include:

  • Subassembly construction and installation. We can not only design, test, and build the subassemblies for your box builds, but install them, too.
  • Cable and wire harness assembly and installation. Levison Enterprises specializes in modern cable and wire harness assembly.
  • Electronic component assembly and installation. Need a specialized component for your box build? We offer custom component design and installation for any type of project.
  • Exceptional quality control. We take quality control very seriously, so we can deliver functional, high-quality products for every customer order. We perform an extensive series of in-process quality control checks for every project to minimize the occurrence of final assembly failures.

Levison Enterprises is the domestic electronic assembly manufacturer you've been looking for. We are proud of our quality certifications that offer you turnkey solutions to your flow down needs. Contact us today, and find out how we can work together to create the very best electronic products.